Ethereal Engine v1.5.0: A Leap Forward in XR Development

October 24, 2023

We're pleased to announce the release of Ethereal Engine v1.5.0. 

This major update is a culmination of hard work, innovation, and feedback-driven enhancements that takes our platform to a new level with new features and upgrades to many existing systems.

Avatar Upgrades

To improve the end-user experience, the entire avatar system has been rewritten on VRM, giving users a more personalized and customizable experience. Along with this, we have introduced composable avatar animations, paving the way for more natural interactions.

Motion Capture like Never Before

Step into the digital world with our full body markerless motion capture. Whether you're developing a game, service, or any virtual experience, this feature will offer a heightened sense of immersion and realism to your projects.

Introducing Behave Graph

We've introduced a visual scripting tool, Behave Graph, making it easier for developers to create object behaviors and execute complex sequences without diving deep into coding.

System Migrations and Improvements

To improve speed, reliability, and extensibility, we've migrated to Feathers 5, coupled with Typebox schemas and Knex. These system upgrades guarantee more robust and efficient backend operations.

Network Abstractions - A New Beginning

Networking is the backbone of any multiplayer virtual environment, and we’ve rewritten our network abstractions based on reactors. This change ensures smoother connectivity, reducing lag and delivering a seamless end-user experience.

Store Locally with MinIO

To offer you more flexibility, we've integrated a local S3 storage provider using MinIO. Now, developers have the choice to store data locally or in the cloud, based on the project's requirements.

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