Launch a self-hosted spatial site using Ethereal Engine Control Center

Hanzla Mateen
November 22, 2023

Simplicity Meets Power in Your Private world

The concept of a 3D website might sound like it belongs in science fiction, but it's here, and it's real — powered by sophisticated hardware and the internet. The catch? Most of us experience this digital frontier through services we don’t own or control, compromising our privacy and creative freedom. But what if you could reclaim that control? What if spatial computing wasn't locked away in distant data centers but was as close as your own home office?

That’s the vision behind the Ethereal Engine Control Center. It's a tool that invites you to create a private spatial website, putting you back in the driver's seat. No more relying on faraway servers. With this powerhouse software, you can transform an unused computer into the heart of your digital domain.

How Does the Ethereal Engine Control Center Work?

Think of the Ethereal Engine Control Center as the central hub for your private spatial website. It's a desktop application designed for ease of use, letting you configure and manage your very own virtual world hosting setup — all with just a few clicks.

Before diving into how to get started, let's unpack a few things:

What’s a private on-premise spatial website? Simply put, it’s a self-contained digital universe that lives on your own equipment, not rented from someone else.

Why does this matter? Having your spatial website locally means better privacy, security, and a personalized experience that public options can't match.

What do you need to get started? A decently powerful computer (think virtualization-capable with at least 16 GB of RAM) is your starting point.

Setting Up Your World with Ease

Our intuitive interface consolidates all your administrative tools into four major screens, making spatial website management straightforward:

  1. Installation and Configuration: Set up your private spatial website with step-by-step guidance.
  2. Process Monitoring: Keep tabs on your server cluster, ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  3. Kubernetes Health: Monitor the heartbeat of your spatial website’s infrastructure.
  4. Logs and Admin Tools: Access logs and administrative tools to manage the Ethereal Engine and web services seamlessly.

A Peek Under the Hood

The EE Control Center isn't just a pretty interface. It’s built on robust technology:

- SQL Database for structured data storage.

- Node server for efficient back-end services.

- File CDN to distribute your content quickly and reliably.

- Instance provisioning and scheduled jobs to keep your spatial website operational.

- Choose between two Kubernetes drivers — Minikube or microk8s — depending on your needs, and embrace containerization with ControlD and Docker.

Expand and Scale Your Personal Spatial Website

We're not stopping at making development easier. The EE Control Center is evolving to become a comprehensive production tool. Mount your immersive content directly, and soon, integrate with tools like Nvidia Omniverse for unparalleled 3D experiences.

Want to grow your spatial website? Utilize Tailscale to create your own Kubernetes VPN LAN, enabling you to link multiple devices for a robust on-premises cluster.

Your Next Steps

Ready to start your immersive journey? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Check out our previous article to understand the control plane basics.
  2. Download and install the Ethereal Engine Control Center.
  3. Join our Discord.
  4. Step into the Spatial Computing Revolution

Now is the time to step into the future and craft the digital world of your dreams. Download the Ethereal Engine Control Center today and start building your personal spatial website. Your space, your rules — begin the adventure now.

Download the Ethereal Engine Control Center

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