Ethereal Engine Joins the Khronos Group: Pioneering the Future of the Spatial Web

Lawrence Mien
September 20, 2023

We’re excited to announce that Ethereal Engine is joining industry leaders in the Khronos Group as a member organization, marking a significant step in our journey towards creating the spatial web.

Why This Partnership Matters

At Ethereal Engine, our mission has always been clear: equip brands and creators with the most high-performance 3D engine for the web, and make the metaverse accessible for all people. To that end, we see interoperability and community contribution through open-standards as a key requirement. Our partnership with the Khronos Group lets us share our innovations and contribute to the open and free web ecosystem, collectively advancing immersive technology.

Our Inaugural Contributions

In line with our commitment to spearhead innovation in the immersive industry, we’re proud to introduce two new white papers as a part of the Khronos Group:

Universal Volumetric (UVOL): An Open Format for Volumetric Media

UVOL revolutionizes volumetric media in spatial computing with its adaptable format, bridging compatibility gaps and setting a gold standard for seamless web-based volumetric content delivery across devices.

EE_variant: a glTF Extension for Dynamic Instanced LOD

"EE_variant" extension for glTF addresses the format's interoperability challenges and optimizes 3D web experiences with a focus on dynamic LOD, elevating the spatial web's accessibility and performance.

Being a part of this consortium not only amplifies our voice in the XR industry, but also accelerates our vision. We see a future where everyone can contribute to a 3D digital landscape that mirrors our world's diversity. Our participation will equip us with the access and collaborations required to make this vision a tangible reality.

And we’re just getting started. Together with the Khronos Group, we're poised to shape the next generation of the spatial web, ensuring that every individual can be a part of this transformative journey.

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