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Ethereal Engine is a web technology for building and scaling real-time 3D experiences to a wide community on the web. Our low and no-code tools make it easy for any web developer to create immersive experiences.

Engine Overview

If you can dream it, you can build it

With complete end-to-end control, you can customize from the ground up to host events, showcase art, make games, or cultivate online communities.

Easy to learn, build, and collaborate from anywhere

Our powerful engine is designed for web developers, with an intuitive collaborative web-based editor featuring drag-and-drop creation, file management, visual scripting, and low-code customization.

One-click package management and GitHub sync

Our Project API lets you handle fully version controlled projects via GitHub with your own scenes, assets & code with a click of a button, giving you advanced management of custom content with granular scoped permissions.

Integrated with all standard web tech

Using TypeScript, React, Node.js, and Vite, we provide all the standard tools and cutting-edge web technologies for projects of any scale, allowing you to craft custom solutions with ease.

Rapid deployment on-premise and to all major clouds

Launch quickly with a customisable and scalable web app powered by a state of the art fullstack framework, template & deployment pipeline using Kubernetes, Docker, Agones, Openmatch & Feathers.js.

Deliver spatial multiplayer experiences on any device

We’re built to WebXR specifications, so any single or multiplayer environment can be deployed across major desktop, mobile, and console devices for web, AR, or VR.

Performance optimized for a wide range of end-users

Our hybrid programming paradigm and integration with the fastest web ECS framework means you can deliver an experience optimized for speed and quality to any level of end-user device.

Why Ethereal Engine?

Open-source and fully interoperable on the web

We support innovation without the constraints of proprietary technology and app stores. Through community collaboration and wide interoperability with existing open standards and major technologies, we’re accelerating the evolution of the immersive web.

Easily accessible for all audiences everywhere

Overcoming barriers-to-entry is a key challenge for the growth of the metaverse. Through the universal availability of the existing web infrastructure, we’re delivering fun and immersive experiences to all audiences, not just those with elite consoles.

Lower costs and hyper optimized for the web

Unlike most engines, we’re built web first so you can fully leverage all web platform apis and features. Our environments run on WebGL, WebGPU, WebXR, and WebAssembly, giving you the most affordable server costs with the highest quality performance available for web browsers.

Flagship Features

EE_variant glTF Extension

Dynamic Instanced Level-of-Detail (LOD)

Our “EE_variant” glTF extension allows for dynamic LOD of instanced meshes. The schema is flexible and self-contained, and can be utilized multiple meshes, or even entire sub-scenes with dynamic content. This enables nested variants, and variants for particle systems, colliders, and any other resource-intensive scene elements, unifying the variant systems in glTF to use one schema. This extension compounds the memory usage savings and enables the creation of more complex, dynamic scenes to mirror the Universal Scene Description (USD) variant system.

Universal Volumeric (UVOL) Format

Optimized Volumetric Media Encoding

UVOL optimizes volumetric media streaming on various devices and offers extensive file customizations. It supports a variety of advanced encoding options, catering to diverse needs to accommodate different device capabilities. A key feature of UVOL is its adaptive playback, adjusting frame rates, resolutions, and complexities to optimize performance across conditions and devices, which emulates the functionally versatile MP4 multimedia container format to cater to the rapidly evolving needs of the spatial industry.

Analytics & Dashboards

Flexible analytics and user session recording

Enhance your experience and boost conversion with our analytics dashboard or integrate with Google Analytics via API for custom tracking. Additionally, Ethereal Engine allows you to capture detailed behavior data, including avatar positions, movements, camera views, and even body language in VR.

Ethereal Engine Backend Analytics

Start building your next 3D project in Ethereal Engine

Whether you’re an agency looking to build your client’s next marketing activation, or a developer looking to build your own XR experience, we’re here to help.

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