Facets & Features
Ethereal Engine is the most powerful, flexible 3D web engine ever.

Scalable to your needs so you can make your virtual store your own virtual world.
Guest Experience
Fast Load Times

Near instant loading gives the feeling of a website with the immersion of a game.

No Downloads

Instant access from 7 billion devices directly in a web browser, just like a 2D website.

Fun Social Experience

No need to send pictures or use a phone to ask for advice.  Invite friends to shop and socialize live in fully multiplayer worlds.

Positional Audio

Hear the sounds of a world like you would if you were really there.  Advanced audio lets you know where sound is coming from and makes aural experiences amazingly real.  Go to a concert, watch a movie, or talk with friends and lose yourself in a truly immersive experience.

Video / Audio / Text Chat

Real-time communications lets you see and hear your friends so your time in a virtual world is meaningful time to connect.

Try Before You Buy

Be sure you love it before you buy it.  Bring items from the virtual world into the real world using our augmented reality viewer and never wonder how it will look when you get home.

Secure Checkout

Ethereal Engine integrates with the top ecommerce solutions so you can feel safe ordering the products you love.

“Live” Entertainment

Shopping isn’t just standing in a store anymore.  Ethereal Engine allows your hosts to create amazing experiences from concerts to full in-world games.

Cross Platform

Ethereal Engine worlds work with one click on desktop and mobile, but also VR and AR devices

Host Tools
User Management

Need to build with a team?  The user management system allows you to grant permissions to what is needed so you and your team can build and maintain as efficiently as possible by allowing the right people to create, edit, publish, and delete.

Moderation Tools

Ensure the safety and comfort of your customers using moderation tools to mute, kick, and ban disruptive users.

Live Sales Support

Multiplayer with live voice and video means you can get on demand help from real experts so you can feel comfortable understanding what you buy no matter how complex.

User Analytics

Keep track of how your store is performing.  Keep track of traffic and trends within your virtual store.

White Label

Maintain your branding and aesthetic using your own assets and your custom domain.

eCommerce Integrations

Fully integrated with major ecommerce platforms so you can quickly and easily turn your 2D store into a fully immersive 3D virtual world.

Browser Multithreading

Unlock the full potential of the web browser with multithreading so your virtual store loads and runs faster.

One-Click Web Hosting

Create your virtual store, connect it to your domain, and start building at the click of a button directly in the web browser.

Advanced Physics Engine

Give your customers the feel of the real world using the Rapier physics engine.  From jumping to flying a plane, your store can let your customers explore an experience beyond buying.

Ethereal Studio
Web Editor

No need to download extra software.  Ethereal Engine lets you create, publish, and edit your store directly in the web browser.

Fully Scriptable

No code is necessary but Ethereal Engine can utilize the full power of JavaScript, just like a 2D website.  If you can code it, you can build it.

Collaborative Editor

Give every team member simultaneous access to the web editor so you can save time and money by building together.

Shader Material System

Add life to your virtual store with a library of animated materials like grass and water.

Physically Based Rendering

gives 3D object materials the look and feel of objects in the real world no matter how you light your store.

GPU Instancing

Populate your store with multiple assets of the same type without affecting performance so you can bring your guests to a large forested world or an intricately furnished building.

Level of Detail

Boost performance for your customers using dynamic level of detail on 3D assets by minimizing the compute resources needed.  High resolution up close where it matters and lower resolution far away where it only maintains the immersive experience.

Fully Customizable

Each asset is amazingly customizable.  Change the size, position, and rotation of everything in your world along with individual properties for different objects.

Control Center
On-Premises Hosting

Deploy to metal with a Wizard GUI, manage using an Electron K8S Cluster Creator and Manager app, and monitor your cluster with a benchmark tool

Building Block Architecture

The Entity Component System makes editing easier, faster, and more flexible by helping you keep track of assets in an easy to follow way.

Highly Scalable

Smart auto Scaling lets you host infinite guests so your Ethereal Engine store can grow with your brand.

Plugin System

No Coding Required with code snippet API. Build, share, sell, and import easy-to-use templates.  Extend the uses of your store using third party plugins.

Easy Cloud Hosting

Deployable to any major cloud provider so you can use the stack you want where you want it

Git Integration

 Give your team peace of mind with industry leading version control and data backup.

2D/3D Content Management System

Keep track of your 2D and 3D assets using our Content Management System.  Use URL or upload from your device to bring your glTFs, FBXs, and various audio, video, and image formats into your world.

Ethereal Engine Pricing Sheet for Community, Pro, and Cloud.
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Pro Member
Professional Membership and Licence to our Pro Vault for your web domain. Everything in the community membership plus access to our premium support channel, in addition to our professional engine package collection.
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Pro Member + Cloud
We'll manage your metaverse deployment for you, give you access to our premium support channels, and our professional engine package collection.
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