About Us
We are a team of dreamers who built Ethereal Engine to usher in the social spatial web.

We believe that the Metaverse must be built on the web and in the open. After looking at what was out there, we found that nothing existing was up to the challenge.  Ethereal Engine was born and we hope you will come build this better future with us.

Ethereal Engine is open source and MIT licensed. We donate our time and resources to continuing to improve the engine but Ethereal Engine needs a community bigger than us to make sure the future of the immersive web serves the people building it.


Meet The Team

Liam Broza
Entrepreneur, engineer, and original founder of Ethereal Engine.  Creator of the Lifescope Time Machine, an XR recreation of your memories
Griffin Rowell
13 years of experience as Air Force aviator, NASA JPL engineer, and program manager.  Holds M.S. in astronautics and an MBA from UCLA
Gheric Speiginer
XR pioneer with experience at Apple, Intel, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs.  XR research at Georgia Tech. Co-author of two US Patents in XR.
Dmitri Zagidulin
Identity Architect
Over 21 years of experience, expert in decentralized identity. He is the Co-chair of two W3C working groups focusing on digital identity and education.
Kyle Baran
Infrastructure Architect
Over 10 years of exerience designing and building hardware and software systems.
Josh Field
Engine Architect
Creator of Conjure, a fully decentralized p2p virtual world sandbox platform.  Stewards development of Ethereal Engine.
David Gordon
Director of Content
XR developer, full-stack engineer, and game engine pipeline engineer.  Experience at Nvidia, Tin Drum, and Experimental Design

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